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Mark your online presence and
breath life into your brand.


Drive traffic to your site…
and make sure users come back.


Manage your emails, sales, projects, invoicing, and take control of your digital footprint.

An integrated view of your digital assets

The digital projects we create at the Lab will become your most valuable assets. Make the most of the expertise we have to offer.

See how the Lab works

See how the Lab works

What we do

Investing in your digital footprint should be a no-brainer. Speak to one of our consultants and they will help determine your needs and the specificities of your industry, to better put together successful tactics that focus on visibility, notoriety, and performance.

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Our creative team puts together the entire visual aspect of your brand, from logo to website, including photo and video, for an integrated DNA as the basis for everything else. Your website needs a makeover? Let’s rework it!



Our experts build websites that users love coming back to, for an overall memorable experience. They are also pros at developing ergonomic web and mobile applications, as well as efficient e-com platforms.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

This is where your brand builds a relationship with your client. We put together a complete content strategy, elaborated especially for your target market. Through social media strategies, newsletter tools, and SEO referencing, the goal is always to reach out to the widest possible network of users, while retaining the ones who already know and love you.



There are a wide variety of existing solutions we can recommend for hosting and maintaining your assets safe. Our consultants can also help you select and set up project management, integration, and invoicing tools.


After trusting Fortune Lab with their digital footprint, here is what our clients have to say:

Capucine Laberge

What a lovely experience working with Fortune Lab. It’s easy to see that collaboration, understanding, professionalism, respect and kindness are core values for this team. I am extremely pleased with my website and would recommend them any time. Thank you Fortune Lab!

Capucine Laberge,
Massuna Massotherapie

Marjorie Michel

I had the pleasure of working with the young, dynamic, and professional people at Fortune Lab: what a treat! Every suggestion and advice they gave me was smart and in line with my needs. All this while making themselves available to help me out with furthering my training. Thank you to the entire team!

Marjorie Michel,
MM Strategies

Evens Guercy

I had the privilege to having the Fortune Lab team on my side for my website. I would recommend without any hesitation this professional, attentive, and caring team.

Evens Guercy,
Fondation Evens Guercy

Luckny Guerrier

I would recommend Fortune Lab in a heartbeat. Efficient, fast, and excellent customer service. Thank you David for believing in my project.

Luckny Guerrier,
Mission Entrepreun’elle

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